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Have you been into niche sites for a long time and wondered at any time what the hype is around pbn?
I've been playing with niche sites for 1.5 years now. Now. I paid to participate in a public pbn service, i built my custom private pbn network of over 45 sites, i created a pbn service for my own email subscribers and studied how successful niche sites are. Almost every market has reached its position at the top of the serps.
And the bottom line is that using pbn to rank at the top of google still works, it hasn't stopped working yet and it's up to so far the single best choice i've found for a profitable niche site.
And in today's article i'm going to show you why this is the case and how you can use pbn links to rank of their niche sites.
"Be afraid when alternatives are greedy, and be greedy when others are afraid" - warren buffett
Wait, pbn still work?
Nine months ago, google dropped an atomic bomb on the gray seo community.
The damage was severe. Quite a few pbn domains were removed from the index, and sites that brought in four- and five-figure sums within a month were destroyed overnight and without warning. Spencer.
But in the midst of all this carnage, there were two key details that stood out to me:
Google showed its capabilities- By taking such massive action and publicly de-indexing all these sites, google has confirmed to us everything we already suspected: networks of private blogs have always been and continue to be an incredibly effective way to rank. Sites at the top of the search engine results list.- Having made these penalties "manual", google also told us that their algorithm has so far failed to detect traces caused by well-done pbn; instead, it requires a human network check to de-index.
So, while it was a total bummer for those visitors who were negatively impacted by google pbn's excellent de-indexing (my sites were thankfully unaffected), the one that came out of all this is that using pbn links to rank a site is still a surprisingly effective strategy, and the google algorithm is not (yet) able to independently detect these internet masses well enough to automatically penalize these portals.
Let's look at a few examples
Bonus: want a drug complex where you can quickly find your competitors' pbn links, even if they block backlink checks for personal websites?
You will be asked to confirm your email address. Current email subscribers don't need to subscribe again.
But the visitor doesn't just have to take my word for it.
As more than half of the users know, the real mission of this web resource is not just to tell you about a certain strategy, but to show you how and why.
So why don't people look in yandex or google and see what our company found?
Workboot niche
Here is a google search for the random buyer's keyword, "best work boots", which is a very attractive local monthly search volume of 8,100.
As you can see, the bottom two results are niche services and there should be another #6 niche site on the list.
so how do these bottom two sites outperform the two huge authority resource on amazon.Com and popular mechanics?
All frankly, some great pbn links point to them.
Let's take this second domain and connect it to moz's open site explorer to look at certain backlinks.
As you can see, a certain site has 7 very high quality pbn links pointing to it according to moz.
Ahrefs shows a similar story.
And remember, these are just links that the domain owner did not block from search bots, which means there are likely to be dozens more similar pbn links listed.
Air compressor niche
Let's take a look at another random niche, "air compressors", which is given between "best air compressor" and air compressor ratings" has a very good volume lms 7800.
Same story here. Sites ranked third, 5th, 6th and 7th in the search results for "air compressor reviews" are niche sites!
Let's take a quick look at this web site. Resource ranked 5th. .
Here are the top six links for a niche site like this according to moz, not surprisingly, all pbn links.
And here's what majestic can demonstrate. Again the same story. And don't forget, moz, ahrefs and majestic only show links that haven't been blocked by search bots!
Truth be told, i can do this all day long. Just do a google search for any important buyer keyword and check out the rankings for any niche sites, blog 1.
Check their domains through a backlink checker and you'll find it all. . Again and again.
Why?Because despite all this hysteria, google hasn't found an effective way to prevent sites from ranking for pbn addresses (yet).
Empire sites flippers with pbn
many of you already know that one of my favorite ways to identify a profitable niche for an app is to browse the listings on empire flippers.
The reason why which this is such an effective strategy is that the listings have already proven our position in the trade.
In other words, if the review portal in the electric shavers review niche brings in more than $2,500 in 30 days, then our employees are aware that this is a great niche. To get in.
The thing about empire flippers lists is how, in the name of transparency, they have to reveal what sites for sale were developed using pbn.
That's it.
So, what platforms, of course, do empire flippers use pbn? Can they really be considered profitable sites?
Well, the screenshot above is taken from this completed list...
Amazon partner site in the field for designing your own apartment and garden ...
So it happened to sell for more than $205k.
So yes: using pbn to rank your affiliate site is definitely My experience with pbn
As i said, i've been using pbn for a little over a year.
i think i first heard about them when spencer announced the launch of the now defunct and de-indexed rank hero, congratulations, luckily for me i didn't buy any links from there.
Lightning rank
No, i started my own pbn experience with john haver's lightning rank service back in may 2014.
In the same hour, he was offering footnotes on 5 domains (2 links per post ) for $300.
You have to take into account that i wasn't earning 3000 bucks a month on my niche sites back then.
Actually, when i placed my 1st link order at the very beginning of may, my entire income for april was only $397.
So i was actually spending 75% of the profit from my own niche portal on this link package. .
Looking back, i can see how crazy a landing page can sound. Why would i spend so much of my earnings on all the excellent links?
And the answer is, because i wanted more.
Of course, i was extremely happy. Made almost 400 bucks in one month on my personal first niche site, but i knew i could increase it more. I knew at the beginning of my journey that if i decided to reinvest a significant portion of my personal earnings back into the business - that is, in particular, you really should be wary of your successful sites as a small business - it has the potential to grow into something really great. .
And that's exactly what happened.
But now i see how easily i can be satisfied with 400 dollars in a month, never invested money back in the site, after which he simply did not try to improve the site for anything. I could be content with $400 in 30 days and that would be it.
And i figured out i'm typing this now that i'm a bit off topic and specific, but in particular that's how i encourage people to think about their own portals, in case they began to earn a share of the funds on them - do not be afraid to reinvest these incomes back into the site. That's what you need to decide for it to grow.
In every case... I've used lightning rank occasionally for 5 months and have been a very happy customer. . Ns1 climbed up in yandex or google search results, he was consistently earning over 2000 usd in 30 days, so i was happy to spend $225 (john finally reduced the cost, on a package of links that helped me get stronger.
Google update and rate adjustment
And then this happened.
Great google pbn deindexing.
I if honestly i was really scared.. There were so many pbn domains that got de-indexed and so many money sites got taken out of the serps overnight i assumed my ns1 would be hit.
But for some reason it didn't happen.I do think that several of john's pbn domains were de-indexed, but ns1 was no longer subject to the manual thin content penalty for pbn application.
Of course i was animated, but i knew i was hired be careful. Although lightning rank gave me a high-paying job, it was still a public service that everyone could join, and the risk didn't limit the number of outgoing links, so i wanted to be a little more careful with my links.
Full disclosure, or i offer my own pbn service. It's hardly a "public" service (i process all email orders) and i only allow six of those per main domain.
Creating your own network
The bottom line is that buying links from trusted sellers is still the best course of action for most niche site builders.
Because trying to build your own network can become quite costly and time consuming.
Using a doman broker
But i decided to take the risk anyway. I wanted to try my own network.
I can't remember how i found them, but i ended up contacting dan thompson, who at the time, along with his buddy kurt, was doing brokerage in terms of domains. (Now dan does local seo instead.)
I ended up spending a lot of money getting my network up and running, as you can see above.
i paid about 40 bucks for the domain, host, and content setup myself. It was a lot of work, but the worry was a great experience.
Scraping my own domains
After months of buying domains, i decided it was time to learn where to scratch them myself . This would allow me to lower costs and scale faster.
I used expireddomains.Net at first, which was quite a manual process. I followed john's guide on how to detect them.
Things worked fine for a while until i contacted scott moran who runs the extremely impressive pbn lab.This is the best domain scanner i've ever used and i was able to easily find dozens of expired premium domains. He has various weekly and monthly plans, so if you are serious about creating your own network, i strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.
I was so impressed with the offer that i through in a week or two we will write a special review of pbn lab, so don't forget to stay tuned.
Another service worth paying attention to is hammerhead domains.
How do i use pbn to rank my niche sites
Now, in case i have so many domains in my personal network, how exactly do i use them to rank my niche sites?
I should add that there are several different approaches; i'm not saying my strategy is necessarily the best, but it worked for me.
Also, this is not going to be a step-by-step guide to setting up your own pbn; if the client is ready to take the leap in that direction, check out this post by steve. Or you can contact me and i can customize it for repeat visitors.
"How do i set up my domains?"
Once i have registered a domain and set up a unique hosting, installed wordpress and some basic plugins, it's time to set up the site.
I like to post at least five unique (non-promoted) content on a site stretched over several days/weeks each, and i aim for 500 words above or more, including addresses of authority sites in your niche.
Then it's time to add posts with links to your money site. Try to add links as naturally as possible and do not add more than three redirects to your money market per domain; more than that is overkill.
When it comes to the design of your pbn sites, i may be in the minority here, but i don't go to great lengths to make great designs. I'm looking at a pointless pastime i.E. If a member of the google spam war team stumbles upon any pbn site chances are your "unique logo and theme" won't save you. So i don't waste precious time.
You can keep adding a new article every couple of months to pbn if you wish, although i don't find it absolutely necessary.When you're not, you'll have a pbn site with five to 7 posts and two links to any money site or more than one money site, see below)."How many links do i need necessary?"
By far the extremely popular question i get about pbn is how many pbn links you will need to rank the platform on a blog. 1 google.
As you can imagine, there is no universal answer to this question.How could it be?Every niche is unique, every keyword is a bit new, and competition plays a big role in rankings, wanting to help i can't give a general answer.
However... An idea of what i like to target, i've usually discovered that to rank for a financial circumstance page, at least 15 moderately powerful pbn links (pa ~ 30), sometimes up to 25.
Obviously the table i keep is to keep track of all pbn links to my money sites.
This is for ns2 to give you an idea, but in general for clarity: this includes links to the main page and any of the money pages described (not just links to one money social network in the last four months (not all the time).
So usually how do i plan to link to my sites in terms of quantity ratio, but again, each website and niche will be different.
"Should each money site have its own dedicated network?"If there are 20 pbn and two money sites in your own network, can you link to both money sites from any pbn domain?
Answer: will directly depend on your risk/reward goals.
By linking to a handful of money sites from each pbn domain, you have the ability to scale faster and produce a more cost-effective network.
The disadvantage of next, if google discovers one of your pbn domains and de-indexes it, every money resource in that domain risks being penalized.
Personally, i have done both, so there is no hard rules. Everything will depend on your specific goals, your wealth and your tolerance for risk.
"Should pbn domains match my money sites?"
in my experience, overwhelming the answer is no, definitely not.
Is it now better to have a pbn link from a niche that belongs to any domain than from another? Yes, that's nice, but of course not necessary.
How do i know that?
Because with the exception of a few domains, none of my pbn domains belong to the niche of my money sites. And all my money sites rank well. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
Interested in getting your own pbn links?
Update: as of aug 2016, i offer my personal build service links, rank guardian. The results were fantastic and i'd love to help you check out your resource.
If you've come so far and are looking to test out some pbn links in this niche site, i can help.
I launched my semi-exclusive pbn service for my email subscribers at the beginning of the month by sending a simple email to my own list and already i've almost sold out the first batch of domains.
Because i have there is a job at a hundred percent rate, and such a blog is a kind of hobby for me, my time is limited, given the above, i can only create ten new domains per month.
And since this service is semi-exclusive, and only six people are allowed per domain, i can only accept 12 clients per month. In this regard, in case you are interested in a link pack, please contact us.
While using a pbn service such as mine will reach 90% of niche website builders, many people strive to own own network, but you don't have the technique and/or minutes to create it.
So, if you're interested in a personal mini-network of 10-20 domains, let me fully own the information about and i'll see if i can create one for the borrower. I'm in the process of creating online for one of my visitors and i think i can make a few data per month.
Any questions, let me know in the comments. .
Mike bradford– june 28, 2015pbn
Mike bradford
Hi, i'm mike, and i'm the creator of the azon niche site. I made $32,000 in 12 months from amazon niche sites. On our website, i share my tips, tricks and tactics for launching amazon affiliate sites and benefiting from body hair.
Great post. Thank you. A question regarding pbn sites… how often do you update them with content so that they look natural… especially in a personal pbn. Do i ever have to add messages to my own sites once i've posted the return address of my financial site so they look natural? I plan to do this once a month… i only have four sites at the moment, however if i look at the increase in quantity, i can see things getting cumbersome or expensive.
Also, can i also ask you to email me on the subject of "identifying your niche site's money pages"? I have accounts on my niche sites that mine coins and many of the ones i wrote that make money...Apart from the fact that there are different pages lol.
Thank you
Mike bradford - june 29, 2015 hello ken!
Once a month is definitely enough for me.
Identify your financial pages? That's what i do even before i write them
Required navigation performance (rnp) is a system performance rank navigation based on pbn, which helps the aircraft to travel along an object path between several 3d-specified points in the universe. Navigation accuracy (rnav) and rnp are fundamentally similar. The main difference between them is...
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